I no longer build student lutes. After a lot of thought I realized that I was deliberately building an inferior lute. I wanted better. What I am now offering is what I am calling an “Essential” lute. The lute pictured is representative of the Essential lute. It is a stripped-down version of a popular Dieffoprucher model. What I “stripped off” doesn’t affect the sound or playability. This design accommodates a G tuning with a string length of 59cm to 63cm. It features an excellent AAA Swiss Alpine Spruce top and 9 matched ribs of either Maple or Ash. It has a solid neck and hardwood fingerboard that has the same string set up and action as my concert models. It plays and sounds like my concert model of the Dieffoprucher.

What is “stripped” from the concert model? The full-sized rose is laser cut and I finish the chip carving. I really enjoy carving roses but this saves a great deal of time. The pegs are manufactured and I shave and fit them as I do my own pegs. The heads on these are a bit smaller than I prefer but they work fine. The Essential lute does not have points on the end of the fingerboard nor does it have the half binding (the thin strip of hardwood around the rim of the top). Nor does this lute have a veneered neck or peg box. The matched ribs are not highly figured.

All of the features I have removed from the Concert model to make the Essential model can be added back individually as you like. For example, if you would like the Essential model with points and half binding, that can be added. Hand-turned pegs are also an option.

This lute has been very well received. It is a more affordable alternative to a concert model and it is not an instrument you will quickly outgrow.

Feel free to contact me about the Essential lute and the options available.